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MoMo October - Permission Marketing Opportunities on Mobile

The October event of Mobile Monday Mumbai is on the topic “Permission Marketing Opportunities on Mobile” and will be held on October 29th.

Thanks to Netcore Solutions for sponsoring the event and supporting the community.

Permission Marketing Opportunities on Mobile

With proliferation of mobile phones, it has become the medium of choice for marketers to reach consumers directly. But the mobile is a highly personal and intrusive device. Therefore, permission marketing becomes a necessity when using this medium. Regulatory measures like the DNC serve to enforce the permission marketing ideals. In recent times, the mobile permission marketing ecosystem is coming together in India. There are various constituents of this ecosystem like publishers with pull or push based inventory, small and big advertisers, intermediaries like ad agencies and ad networks as well as the operators.


  • Panel Discussion
    • Rajesh Jain, MD, Netcore Solutions
    • Ajay Vaishnavi, Director - Telecom,
    • Vinod Thadani, Senior Director, GroupM Interaction
    • Naveen Tewari, CEO,
    • Sanyog Jain, COO,
    • Priya Gupta, CEO, SpotOn - Ad Network
    • VeerChand Bothra, VP - Mobility Sales, Netcore Solutions (Moderator)
  • Group Discussion
  • Dinner

Monday, 29th October
6.30pm - 9.30pm

Plateau Hall
Club Peninsula,
Peninsula Corporate Park,
GR Kadam Marg,
Lower Parel,
Mumbai - 400 013.


Click here to register.

3 comments October 23rd, 2007

Barcamp Mumbai 2

Announcing Barcamp Mumbai 2 (BCM2) at SOM, IIT Bombay on Sunday, October 14, 2007.

Barcamp Mumbai 2

The idea of a Barcamp is to turn the idea of a ‘conference’ on its head by removing all possible rules out of the way of a intense discussion. These are meeting places of people with great business ideas and ones with sound technical caliber where they ideate, discuss and brainstorm
on all the topics of common interest ranging from wildlife photography and venture funding to blogging and Flex programming.

Due to their widespread appeal and quality of discussion, Barcamps are increasingly being seen as hubs of technical entrepreneurship all across the world.

BCM2 is fast becoming a rage across the ecosystem with leading corporates like SUN and Nokia sponsoring the event.

The team of BCM2 has experience of organizing second, third and fourth Barcamps of Bangalore (4th Barcamp - July 28-29, 2007 - the largest in the world with 600 participants!) and the first Barcamp of Mumbai (July 2006) and multiple Barcamps in Pune.

Barcamps are free events - there is no entry/registration fee and you can register by simply editing the event wiki.

Due to capacity constraint we might have to give preference to people who have registered, so it might be wise to register at the earliest.

1 comment October 8th, 2007


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